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All of the participants are actively involved in the course. The students spend a significant amount of time conversing in the target language. Thanks to the need to react spontaneously to various tasks, the target language is mastered quickly and automatically used in practice. The students manage to work more flexibly with the language in a shorter amount of time.

The relaxing and pleasant environment and switching of dynamic activities with more comfortable lesson phases inspire course participants to achieve better results in the target language. The students are positively motivated, and we help them boost their confidence and knock down often unjustified barriers to using a foreign language. The aim is to eliminate shyness and fear of mistakes and to approach the foreign language head-on.

Would you believe that learning a foreign language doesn't have to be an ordeal, but can be fun? So do we! Therefore, a significant part of lessons includes language games, media and new technology. Furthermore, the more ways the students perceive their new language, the more they will remember. (We remember 20% of what we have heard, 30% of what we have seen, 50% of what we have heard and seen and 90% of what we have done ourselves.)

Our instruction methods are student-centred, and this provides a unique opportunity for the students to participate in the selection of discussed topics and to adapt the instruction to their own needs. Our instructors design courses in a manner that ensures that the selected topics can be used as much as possible in real life.

Thanks to the effectiveness of used instruction approaches and a focus on results, the Effecto method is guaranteed to yield long-term improvement of students' language skills.

What is Effecto?

Today, when the world is so connected and distances are becoming ever shorter, it is absolutely necessary to be able to communicate in at least one foreign language. In order to make learning a foreign language easier, more fun and effective, the Skrivanek language school offers you courses utilising the unique Effecto registered method.

This method is based on the belief that communicating is far more important than just being able to recite grammar rules. That's not going to help anyone buy a train ticket. The key to success is to rid yourself of unnecessary fears and start talking.

orget lengthy mechanical completion of grammar exercises in a textbook. At the start of each semester, the instructor prepares a programme based on students' perceptions and expectations. Each student has a unique opportunity to adapt the course based on his/her own needs.

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